Each year, the number of pedestrian accidents in Austin seems to be rising. While this is alarming for residents of the area, it appears to be a problem across the entire country as the population explodes and more vehicles are on the roads that ever before. Last year over 65,000 pedestrians across the United States were injured by vehicles, and only California and Florida has more statewide pedestrian accidents than Texas.

When you sustain a serious injury as a pedestrian due to a negligence, it can be very difficult to get the responsible party to take care of your medical treatment and mounting bills. Even if the party offers to help and ask you not to get a personal injury lawyer involved, if later on they decide to hire their own lawyer, you are going to find out quickly that you are in deep trouble having not gotten legal representation early on.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it is too late, here are reasons to call in a local Austin personal injury lawyer today:

The Collecting of Key Evidence
The minute you get help for your medical condition at the hospital, even if you are stuck in a hospital bed, get to a phone and get a local personal injury attorney on the case. Your attorney needs time to get his accident investigative team together and to the scene to preserve as much evidence as possible. The investigators are experts at finding and following up with eyewitnesses, preserving the area by way of video, pictures, and key measurements.

Seeing the Best Physicians in Texas
The best doctors in Texas are not cheap. Once you secure the services of the Austin personal injury lawyer, they will put you in touch with the best physicians in your region, at no out-of-pocket costs to you. These doctors are the best at what they do, and once they have diagnosed, treated, and helped with your injuries, they will offer professional testimony that your attorney will use to convince a jury you deserve the full cash settlement.

Fighting for Every Dollar You Deserve
As the case is progressing, your local personal injury lawyer is carefully putting together the pieces of this case so that they can come up with a dollar amount for the settlement that will carry you through the later years of your life. Your attorney understands exactly how to present the offer to the insurance company so they have no alternative but to either pay or go to court and risk losing even more. Your attorney acts as the go-between so you are never exposed to the high pressure tactics of those insurance lawyers.

These are only a few of the reasons you should be working with the local Austin personal injury lawyer. Your best chance at securing the highest cash settlement is to allow a lawyer to represent you and fight on your behalf so you are not saddled with unnecessary financial burdens later in your life.

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