We have more than 40 lawyers working in various legal fields. We want to help our clients by giving them the best legal advice. We offer legal services in the following sections.

Business crime and regulatory law

We are a leading law firm in defending clients who face allegations of fraud and other business crime. We have extensive experience in this field. Our criminal defense lawyers fearlessly protect our client’s interests.

Personal injury and clinical negligence

Our lawyers are experts at handling various kinds of personal injury and clinical negligence cases. We even deal with fatal accidents and catastrophic brain injuries. You will get a very caring and efficient service from us.

Immigration and asylum

We are very good at immigration work. Our lawyers help the clients navigate the evolving area of immigration law. We offer clear and concise advice on various complicated issues.

Family law

We have vast experience in this area. Relationships play a crucial part in people’s lives. We try to help our clients resolve family disputes. We will guide you through sound legal advice and will act in your best interests.

Many of our lawyers are well recognized and experts in their field. We always try our best to provide the best possible service that is tailored to the needs of our clients.